We're proud to be a leading advisory firm for global executives.


Our advisory firm was founded by expatriates for expatriates. We understand opportunities and challenge what globalization what brings.


Every portfolio and individual is unique–so should your investing strategy. Our advisers first understand your needs, goals and risk tolerance before customizing a portfolio for you.


We help you translate your investment goals into an actionable investment strategy. Tax residence, nationality, age, and spending needs are among the many factors we consider in our service.

More About Suncap

Suncap is committed to growing your wealth through fundamentally sound investing. Our team does extensive research on each security and looks for a catalyst that would materially change a company's future. Our global presence and reputation of providing alpha has made us one of the top choices for expatriates.

Why Invest in Emerging Markets?

Higher growth, out-performance, greater alpha and diversification. Emerging markets (EMs) are fast becoming the driver of global growth. Emerging economies are expected to grow three times faster than developed nations like the US, according to International Monetary Fund estimates. Corporate profits also tend to grow faster when economic growth is higher. EMs are less researched than developed markets too; hence, there are greater information arbitrage opportunities. Another benefit for investors is the diversification that the EMs provide, since they tend to perform differently than developed markets.

Wealth Management

Our financial advisors help you achieve long-term financial objectives by first understanding your needs.

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Retirement Planning

We can help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest by assessing your finances and lifestyle. It is important to create specific investment and savings targets. Once we craft a plan, our team will help you follow it.

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Offshore Investment

Making the right offshore investment decision can be the key to making the most of your accumulated assets. By compounding investment returns in a tax efficient manner, portfolios grow at a rapid pace.

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Investment Funds

Sun Capital works with several established funds who provide a wide range of options for offshore investment. Clients can gain exposure to a specific sector, market or country.

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