Skillful risk management, not risk avoidance, coupled with a disciplined portfolio management and execution are embedded in our culture.

Why Trust Us?

We start each client engagement by evaluating your plans for your financial future to tailor a strategic investment plan that considers, among other things: your age and expected retirement year; specific financial goals and time frame; your family’s financial situation; your appetite for risk versus reward; the level of hands-on management you desire; and any specialized knowledge you might have. We also consider your current net wealth to maximize your investment portfolio. Net wealth also dictates how we diversify your account and how we create a plan to limit your tax exposure.

The heart of Sun Capital’s financial service offering lies in our ability to deliver clear, impartial, and sound financial advice. Frequently, we provide portfolio analysis and offer free insights into portfolio re-distribution. We balance long-term capital appreciation with our catalyst based investments. SunCap achieves greater returns through appropriate investments aligned with your specific goals.

With a complete understanding of your financial situation and what you expect to achieve, we develop a highly personalized wealth management solutions. SunCap is proudly one of the industry leaders in personalized attention and support. We complement our tailored savings and investment solutions with constant and meaningful communication. This means we can move in tandem with life events: are you planning on making a major real estate purchase? Is retirement fast approaching? Will you be returning to your country or origin and leaving on a new assignment?

In sum, we believe in the right investment solution for the right person. Like a great-fitting suit, your wealth management plan must adhere to the contours of your needs, expectations, events and net worth. We can create a plan to produce steady income, help build a trust for your children’s future, or help you manage your assets for aggressive growth.