Global wealth solutions for global citizens.

Wealth Management

SunCap is an independent financial advisor. This allows us to be unbiased when serving our clients to optimize their financial planning. As a fiduciary of your assets, every investment decision is vetted by our teams to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Since our clients are mainly with high-net worth expatriates who are successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. We have experts on business succession planning to help clients transition to a more relaxed lifestyle while knowing your company is in run how you want it to be. We also assist individuals with executive compensation (such as stock options and restricted stock) to control taxes and maximize results.

Retirement Planning

Preparing for your future and the future of your loved ones requires evaluating ones objectives and investment policy, implementing a sound strategy and, most importantly, following the investment plan. Further, the plan must be revisited on a regular basis since your needs and circumstances may change. With your goals firmly in mind, we assess your finances and create specific investment and savings targets. Specialists can help you set milestones for your retirement, maximize your existing savings and portfolio, determine and make the best use of tax allowances, and generate post-retirement income.

Offshore Investment

Making the right offshore investment decision is crucial to making the most of your accumulated assets. Offshore investments help higher tax earners pay less tax on their savings over time.Sophisticated investors can take advantage of the delay between earning interest/dividends/capital appreciation and paying taxes. Suncap constantly studies the changing regulatory landscape on offshore investment vehicles to ensure that your goals are still met.

Investment Funds

Investment funds open the possibility to invest in specific markets, sectors, regions, countries, industries and asset class without having to micromanage a portfolio. Sun Capital works with several established funds who provide a wide range of products to help build a well-diversified portfolio that reflects your preferred strategy.